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The Michigan Sheriff's Posse Association was incepted in 1961. Most county mounted divisions were known as "Sheriff's Posse" but with the perception of a posse from the Old Wild West movies, being a group seeking to find a person for lynching, they changed to the current Mounted Division.

Michigan Sheriff's Posse Association met for the first time in October of 1961, in a field near Yankee Springs (located in Barry County) 18 counties and 250-300 active members were present.

The members were comprised of different Posse groups from Michigan and Indiana. Their intent was to try and form a state wide Posse Association. By July of 1962 they had organized and started the Michigan Sheriff's Posse Association. With increased law enforcement training and assistance, it was decided to change the name from Michigan Sheriff's Posse Association to the Michigan Sheriff's Mounted Association. The change in name was prompted in 1999 with the desire to reflect the professionalism of the organization. This group was formed to assist Sheriff's Departments become stronger and to help at the state level when needed.

The Michigan Sheriff's Mounted Association is currently comprised of 26 counties, with approximately 500 active Members.

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